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Seymour Duncan

廠牌: Seymour Duncan 型號: Perfect Timbre
OVERVIEWA high-quality active pickup system for any acoustic guitar.The D-TAR Perfect Timbre pickup system combines a revolutionary, highly responsive piezo-film accelerometer with a custom on-board preamp to capture and preserve the natural timbre of your acoustic guitar. This active D-TAR pic..
廠牌: Seymour Duncan 型號: Active Mag
Seymour Duncan專業款主動式響孔拾音器,提供十分溫暖自然的音色。這一款 Active Mag更做到了Hum-canceling (降低hum噪信) 的功能,解決了響孔式拾音器的最大問題。A warm and natural sounding active magnetic sound-hole pickup that captures and accentuates the best qualities of your acoustic guitar.DescriptionVoiced to accentuate the best qualities of your acousti..
廠牌: Seymour Duncan 型號: Mag Mic SA6
SummaryCapture natural warmth and full-spectrum detail of your acoustic guitar with a magnetic soundhole pickup and omni-directional mic.DescriptionCapture the true voice of your acoustic guitar with the active Mag Mic, part of our Acoustic Pro line. The Mag Mic combines a high-quality hum-canceling..
廠牌: Seymour Duncan 型號: Wave-Length DUO
SummaryAn under-saddle transducer and omni-directional condenser mic with a high-headroom preamp.DescriptionCapture the full range, detail, body and character of your acoustic guitar with the Wavelength Duo. As part of our Acoustic Pro line, this system combines the Wavelength Solo pickup system and..
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