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D-TAR Perfect Timbre 主動式吸盤拾音器

  • A high-quality active pickup system for any acoustic guitar.
  • The D-TAR Perfect Timbre pickup system combines a revolutionary, highly responsive piezo-film accelerometer with a custom on-board preamp to capture and preserve the natural timbre of your acoustic guitar. 
  • This active D-TAR pickup system captures the warmth and character of your acoustic guitar with startling clarity and accuracy, preserving its natural acoustic sound for live performance and direct-recording applications. 
  • Just slightly larger than its 9V power source, the Perfect Timbre preamp has excellent dynamic and frequency response, with on-board adjustments for presence and high-to-mid frequencies. D-TAR calls The Perfect Timber accelerometer pickup and preamp, "the closest thing to a microphone you'll never bump your guitar into."
  • Highly responsive piezo-film accelerometer
  • Low profile design
  • Custom on-board pre-amp
  • On-board adjustable presence and high-mid frequencies
  • Low impedance preamp output can be plugged directly into an amplifier input, line-in jack or mixing console
  • 9 volt power source
  • Low power consumption
  • Captures and preserves the natural timbre of your acoustic guitar.
  • Design preserves the appearance, action, sustain and feel of the instrument.
  • Ideal for both live performance and direct-recording applications.
  • Long battery life