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新版 - 英國Headway EDB-2雙軌木吉他/烏克麗麗/貝斯前級

[2020 新款改版中~主要改變特色]    

1. 加了send/return可以串效果器。
2. 兩軌各自有5段EQ,以前是兩軌共用5段,現在有兩排,一軌各自有一排。
3. 多了Harmonics Enhancer,讓音色更透亮。
4. 多了Reverse Phase功能。
5. 多了分軌mute可以選擇兩軌都mute或者只其中一軌。
6. 第一軌可以供電給小型麥克風或拾音器,第二軌可以供電48v給XLR麥克風。

• From a single compact box the EDB-2 can take on a unique range of functions and qualities.
• Refined Class "A" inputs and Pro Audio IC components. Voiced for clarity & warmth.
• Now offering lower noise.
• Effective 5 Band EQ for problem solving and creativity.
• Now offering EQ on Ch.1, Ch.2 or on both Channels.
• Easily read Pro Audio design panel layout.
• Now offering 0 Gain or a HUGE 32dB Gain!
• Now offering improved interfacing with all mixers.
• Versatile inputs, switchable to optimise passive/active pickups & microphones.
• Now offering 3 way Impedance switching on Ch.1 & Ch.2
• Tuneable notch filter with switch for extended range of attack on feedback and problem frequencies.
• Now offering notch filter on Ch. 1 or Ch.2. Range switch with settings for Guitar, Bass and Violin. Removes unwanted boom, handling noise and low frequency feedback to amplify a clearer, more musical tone of the instrument.
• Signal splitting enabled, e.g. personal/stage monitoring plus to front of house, recording or tuner.
• Dual system mixing of pickups and mics via separate channels with differing EQ’s / Notch.
• Phantom Powering of all suitably wired Pickup and mic Systems via Ch.1 Jack IN.
• Now Offering Phantom to “Ring” or “Tip” at 9v.
• Mic XLR Input offering 18v phantom power to run 99% of Condenser mics. Feedback and hum loop busted via Phase Reverse and Earth lift switches.
• Now offering Phase Reverse on Ch.1 or Ch.2. New Aux IN Mini-Jack to allow iPod Connection. Mounting via rubber feet, belt clip (included) or on microphone Stand.
• Powered via regulated mains power supply unit (PSU - Included) or 9v PP3 (6F22 batteries – 2 Included).
• Sturdy steel housing with quality pots and long life sockets.

Bass大師Victor Wooten也十分喜愛!!

Headway前級是適合所有木製空心樂器使用的多功用前級擴大器, 也是讓很多有雙拾音系統的吉他手們期待已久的好物, 他既輕又小, 提供樂手們五段EQ調整及Notch Filter, 讓樂手們能完全控制所需要的音色; 更驚人的是, 他的價格絕對出乎您意料的便宜。

稍稍中文簡介一下,歡迎跟我們直接聯繫: EDB-2有兩軌輸入, 其中一軌可以給麥克風使用, 另一軌給吉他使用, 或者兩軌同時給吉他雙系統, 五段EQ調整及Notch Filter, DI輸出, 木吉他/木Bass/小提琴的切換鈕, 也支援使用電池, 外出演出更為方便! 2020新版本,更是讓所有功能一次到位。

稍稍提醒一下, 這家Headway與吉他的廠牌並無關聯, 只是這個名字大家都很喜歡, 同名同姓喔!這家英國的Headway公司是專門生產及研發木質空心樂器使用的拾音器, 前級等專業用品的知名廠商, 重要的是他們家的產品評價十分好, 價錢更是十分親民。