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Seymour Duncan Active Mag 響孔式單系統拾音器(主動式)

Seymour Duncan Active Mag 響孔式單系統拾音器(主動式)
Seymour Duncan Active Mag 響孔式單系統拾音器(主動式)

Seymour Duncan專業款主動式響孔拾音器,提供十分溫暖自然的音色。這一款 Active Mag更做到了Hum-canceling (降低hum噪信) 的功能,解決了響孔式拾音器的最大問題。

A warm and natural sounding active magnetic sound-hole pickup that captures and accentuates the best qualities of your acoustic guitar.


Voiced to accentuate the best qualities of your acoustic guitar, Active Mag is a high-quality hum-canceling magnetic pickup. Active Mag captures the detail and dynamics of your playing and provides warm, clear acoustic tone that complements your guitar whether you play fingerstyle or with a pick, at any volume you need.

Active Mag is flexible enough to be useful in almost any context – whether you’re playing live or recording. Adjustable pole pieces allow you to balance the output level of your strings, and volume and tone controls on the body of the pickup gives you easy access for adjustments. The tone control boosts or cuts treble, allowing you to adjust for the room you’re playing in or adapt the voicing of your instrument for multiple genres and styles.

Active Mag can pop in and out of your guitar as required (with the endpin jack supported by a special built-in strain relief loop) or can be permanently installed. It’s powered by two CR2032 batteries that mount directly to the pickup, making battery changes a cinch.

Connect the Active Mag to your favorite amp, pedal, PA, direct box or console with a standard guitar cable. It fits into guitars with soundholes ranging from 3.75” to 4.2”.