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為了服務更多不便前來實體店面的朋友,奇想提供網路商城郵購服務,歡迎使用信用卡或超商付款方式購物;購物金額只要滿$2000以上國內運費全免! 國外朋友,可先用e-mail管道跟我們確認運費. 謝謝大家! 立即前往


我們了解大家的時間壓縮得很緊,因此奇想台北教室和中壢教室均提供線上預約課程系統,歡迎初次報名接觸的朋友多加利用! 我們會有專門同仁一一回覆跟您確認需求和方便上的時間,讓生活多一點樂趣. 立即前往


渴望訂製一把自己專屬,獨一無二的吉他嗎?奇想提供國際知名多家客製琴訂製服務,起跳從台幣$60,000起到高階的七位數字的製琴名師手工琴均可提供訂製服務. 高級客製琴就像精品一樣,絕對獨一無二,絕無僅有. 立即前往

Zhongli shop: 2F., No.1, Sec. 1, Zhongyang W. Rd., Zhongli Dist., Taoyuan City, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 32041, Taiwan (R.O.C)
Taipei shop: 2F.,No.63, Xining S. Rd., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City 108, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

FantasyMusic started off as Fantasyland Guitar Shop operating from 1997 to 2000 in the alley of Chao Zhou Street, Taipei, and was already at that time committed to popularizing Fingerstyle steel string guitar performances. The shop was responsible for matters regarding Fingerstyle masters abroad coming to Taiwan to perform, and began to bring together a group of Taiwanese Fingerstyle performers and pioneers. The goal at that time was to prove that steel string acoustic guitar was not only suitable for accompaniment, but also able to derive into diverse and rich Fingerstyle, as well as cultivating an environment with diverse steel string acoustic guitar genre.

After years of management, many fingerstyle friends, teachers and enthusiasts were gathered, but due to a transformation in partnership notion and business model the name Fantasyland Guitar Shop retired. However, in 2007 Mr. Larry Chi, the leader of FantasyMusic, settled down in Chungli city and made up his mind to open up FantasyMusic. He decided to integrate classical music with pop music and recruit talented teachers that would dedicate themselves to creating a warm yet professional shop. He also began to actively introduce and deal (handmade) instruments, adapters, speakers and parts from prestigious international brands. Mr. Chi even introduced products with the shop brand name and created a musical environment that was mature and supported by excellent teachers.

We are overjoyed as well as honored to be the designated distributor and dealer in Taiwan for these prestigious excellent international brands. Though we are not a large corporation with considerable capital, these brands gave us the biggest support and encouragement upon seeing the passion of our colleagues and how we put in great effort to promote music environment. We are extremely grateful and promise to humbly continue to strive for everyone and for these brands.

In recent years, we’ve gradually started to sponsor and support several music associated performances and competitions as co-organizers, slowly becoming pioneers in the field of professional guitars and related equipment in Taiwan, as well as leading choice of instrument purchases and consulting numerous artists and professionals.

At the same time, Fantasy Music also wishes to ease the stress of initial contact with guitars or other instruments, strictly control the quality of our brand name, and attract more people into the world of music with the most competitive price in the group purchasing market. We’re confident to say we’re able to provide the best and truthful service and product quality with our sincere, non-grandstanding style and attitude.

Footprints of Fantasy Music

1997: Started off as Fantasyland Guitar Shop located on Chao Zhou Street, Taipei, specializing in guitars
2000: Recorded “Ti-Hu”, an album of steel string guitar pieces with numerous excellent pioneers of Finger-style in Taiwan as well as publishing its sheet music.
1997-2005: Cooperated and assisted in numerous performances of Finger-style performers from Japan and Germany.
2000 to date: Instructed over 30 guitar clubs in colleges and corporations in Taiwan.
2007: Fantasy Music, distributor and dealer for products from numerous overseas brands officially opens in Chungli.
2007 to date: Organized many complementary lectures and performances using space from Fantasy Music with the dream of spreading the beauty of music to the public.
2008: Lowden Guitar represented exclusively (stopped in 2016)
2008: Newtone String represented exclusively
2009: Collings Guitar represented exclusively
2010: AER amp represented exclusively
2010: Eastman Guitar represented exclusively
2010: Morris Guitar represented exclusively (stopped in 2015)
2011: OVAL pickup system represented exclusively
2011: Mi-Si pickup system represented exclusively (stopped in 2015)
2011: Wyres Strings represented exclusively (stopped in 2015)
2011: Lakewood Guitar represented exclusively
2011: D-TAR pickup system represented exclusively
2011: aLaska Pik represented exclusively
2011: Headway pickup and pre-amp represented exclusively
2012: ErgoPlay Guitar supporter represented exclusively
2012: Maestro Guitar represented exclusively
2013: Cole Clark Guitar represented exclusively (stopped in 2015)
2013: Maton Guitar represented exclusively
2014: Goodall Guitar represented exclusively
2015: Poland DL cable represented exclusively
2015: Avian Guitar represented exclusively
2015: Buscarino Guitar represented exclusively
2016: ProPik professional thumb picks represented exclusively
2016: Acoustic Science Strings represented exclusively (stopped in 2016)
2016: Rocording king Guitar represented exclusively
2016: Guitar Scratch Remover Products represented exclusively
2016: Trance Audio Pickup system represented exclusively
2017: Sunrise Pickup sustem represented exclusively
2017: Japan Kaminari cables represented exclusively

FantasyMusic Administration team

       奇想樂器有限公司 Fantasy Music Instrument Co., Ltd. 
       (私立奇想音樂短期補習班第6914號) 統編:42572629
       台北店:台北市萬華區西寧南路63號2F TEL (02)2382-0201
       中壢店:桃園市中壢區中央西路一段1號2F TEL (03)426-0201

週一 ~ 週五 下午1:00~晚上9:30
週六 上午10:00~晚上9:30
週日 上午10:00~晚上6:00